I don't know what to do, i'm in 11th grade and i'm taking my 10th grade math class.

I'm in 11th grade, I try to do my best but last year wasn't my best year. My grades were low and the only class I failed was Analytic Geometry with 67. I live in Macon Georgia and our education isn't too well, this year we barely had enough teachers for our classes and now the school is being shut down. I'm having a terrible high school experience and now I have to take over this 10th grade class and ONLINE.

It's so hard to focus online, and then when I put so much into it, I can't even so far even pass the quizzes they give me. I even take down notes, I study over them and no improvements. I will past the pretest before my actual test and then I will fail it. It's the same but it's so different. I only have about 30 days till school end, and 16 days till final. :/ I can't do this and it's driving me insane. I need help and I seek it so badly. I hear "study this" "study that" but its NOT HELPING. I feel I'm about to break out and just give up on my education.
Asked Apr 13, 2015

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