I'm going on this 4-day field trip, and our school staff thinks it's SO awesome. (The only thing most of us are excited about is eating at Golden Corral. Lol...?)

Anyways, there's this girl that just annoys the heck out of me. I think she might be a Lesbian, but now can never tell. (I'm a straight single girl.) She's always hanging around me, touching me, talking to me, etc. And the thing that annoys me most is she's always taking my stuff---pencils, notebooks, my FLUTE---and giving it back at the most inconvenient time possible. For example, during band yesterday she asked if she could see my flute. I said no, but she just grabbed it anyways. I held on to it tightly and told her to stop because she could break it. Then she tried prying my fingers off of it. When she got one of my hands off, she yanked off the last little section of it and smiled insanely and laughed. Then I was like "OH MY GLOB ____ GIVE IT BACK!!!" in a whisper-shout voice and she did. But by then our band director was already counting off. So I shoved it back on and started playing.

And thank goodness it wasn't broken!!! My flute is literally one of my most prized possessions!!!!!!! And even if it wasn't, you don't just go around trying to break expensive important stuff, right?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

She's insane.

Anyways, she wants to be my partner for TWELVE MOTHERTRUCKING HOURS (total)!!!! And I'm like "OH HECK NO!" 'Cause what happens when she takes my ponytails, which I will NOT be able to buy more of?!?! Or my Bobby pins?!?!

Or what if she takes my wrist braces for my carpal tunnel?!?!?!?!?!? I LITERALLY NEED those to get a decent amount of sleep sometimes!!!!!!!!! And if she broke them or otherwise screwed them up?!?!?! I'D BE A HOT EFFIN' MESS FOR THE REST OF THE TRIP!!!!!!!!!!

My best friend and I want to be partners, but she'll never quit if she doesn't get her way. SO HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Asked Apr 11, 2015
Edited Apr 11, 2015
I don't think what she did deserves a suspension because what she did doesn't seem like she does it to make you purposely annoyed but she is probably too dense to see that you are. I also think you should talk to the band teacher about what she did, or even better, directly tell her that she is bothering you and to stop.
Answered Apr 11, 2015
Ok I will thanks man :)
Tell the Teacher that she keeps stealing your stuff and bullying you.And tell the teacher that she wants to be your partner but you don't want her to.And maybe the Teacher will put her with someone else or suspend her.
Answered Apr 11, 2015
Thanks!!!! I'll talk to a teacher that's going and see if she can help me.

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