I almost did something to that Keisler boy today.I was so close but stopped.Should I have done it?

He kept hitting this boy in the back and when the teacher was'nt in the class he stood up and said "he's got a water bottle in class!" and the boy was supposed to have the water because he has medical problems.That Keisler boy then held up the Water Bottle and tried to tell the teacher but the teacher wasn't looking so he threw it at the boy and walked away.I was so mad and since Keisler had his back turned I picked up a Pencil and prepared to stab him because I'm tired of seeing him bully other people.I came so close too it but I stopped at the last minute because I did'nt want to get in trouble.And I could'nt punch him because his back was turned unless I punched him in the back but I was scared too.Next Monday I'm reporting him to the office because I'm tired of him.And also today he was mean to that Girl that I like and said that she did'nt deserve to be a Hispanic.I'm tired of this Idiot.Should I have preceded in stabbing him? I knew I'd get suspended but the Teacher wasn't in the room.Should I have stabbed him or punched him? Or should I have threw the pencil at him?
Asked Apr 10, 2015
Hey thom I've been seeing ur question on here abt a bully I answered ur question awhile bk.. how old r u? I still stuck with what I told u, some ppl may not agree but I say he's needs to learn a lesson... kick his ass. Start doing push ups. Kick him in the shin, then punch him in the nose one good time hard. Don't b no one's door mat. Don't b a bully either but don't let this kid treat u out other kids that way. Tell the teacher tell ur parents do something. Don't stab him ull get in big trouble start working out n kick his ass the old fashioned way he'll stop. Give him a dose of his own medicine. Good luck.
Answered Apr 10, 2015
I'm 12.Thanks
Thom33 Apr 11, 2015

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