What should I right on my keep out sign to scare people

i'm trying to fend of unwanted guests and just want to know what can I possibly right on my keep of sign to send them running for the hills?
Asked Apr 10, 2015
There are various methods.
Put a keep out sign on your door.
Put fake spiders on your lawn are a couple.

Answered Apr 11, 2015
You can put a sign that says "trespassers will be shot" People will be scared and not go on your property. If you have a dog, put a "beware of dog" sign. Even if you have a small dog or a non aggressive dog, studies show that any household with dogs have a less chance of getting broken into. So that warns them you have a dog. They don't know how big or small, aggressive or sweet, attackers or kissers. DO NOT just get a dog for security. Dogs are a HUGE responsibility. If you want a dog or have questions on them, go to @kentucky_rescues on Instagram and feel free to dm her anytime. The "trespassers will be shot" sign should really scare them off.
Answered Apr 11, 2015

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