The girl I like, likes my best friend?

So, I like this girl and have done for a long while, I am going to prom with her and we are good friends anyway. My problem is, is that she is always with my best friend and she likes him, after just finding out I feel absolutely deflated. I just don't know what to do, I always speak to her and im just a little upset by the whole situation. Advice?
Asked Apr 02, 2015
My best advice is to keep it cool, not many girls find jealousy attractive.
what do you mean by like, just like friend like, or like more like, you know?
If she's going to the prom with you she clearly don't hate you.
From what I have learned rushing a girl for an answer will get you nowhere.
you could try to talk to you friend and the girl separately and sort of casually talk to them about one another's interest or what ever and see their reaction.
and if they really do like each other, try to be as happy for them as you can, and if you can't try to slowly back out, you won't be loved by being in their faces.
but a lot if times when you like some one, you might see something that isn't there, perhaps you just misunderstood a common compliment.
again my advice is to keep it cool and take your time, and see how things goes, don't rush the heart
Answered Apr 02, 2015
Well it sounds like you haven't established a relationship with her yet(girlfriend/boyfriend), like you and her are just friends that hang out together, you may like her but does she like you in the same way? and a girl won't take you serious until you make your relationship official.

So if you're not in a relationship with her then she is free to hang out with and like any other guy she pleases, so basically she probably just considers that you two are just friends!
Answered Jul 10, 2015

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