Is it bad that hes a Year and 4 months younger than me?

Is it bad that he's a Year and 4 months younger than me?

There's a guy I have been talking to for awhile (just as friends) and he is really sweet and amazing, we get on so well and seem to have almost everything in common, and I think I could really like him, recently he told me that he wanted to possibly be more than just friends and I couldn't help but consider it, and I know I would have said yes straight away if it wasn't for the fact that I'm 18 and he's just about to turn 17 in 2 weeks :/ I cant help
but feel like if I said yes to this I would be a cradle robber or something. I've already told him that I can't even consider thinking about it till his birthday but still... I don't know what to do :( I've asked a few of my friends and there all really supportive but I still have my doubts about his age... what do you think? thank you.

p.s I'm female and he's male
Asked Mar 23, 2015

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