Am I overreacting?

Okay so my girlfriend got asked to prom at a different school by her gay best friend. And I'm super jealous I hate the idea of her getting all dressed up and looking beautiful for another guy. She said she wouldn't go if I really didn't want her to, but I know if I told her to go I'd definitely feel jealous and I'd just be upset. And if I told her to not go I'd feel bad too. I don't want to tell her not to do something she wants to just because I feel jealous. I feel like theres no good outcome for me. What do I do? Am I overreacting?
Asked Mar 20, 2015
So I saw her in her dress and now I'm really sad and upset because she looks so beautiful and its not for me its for another guy.
You are proably over reacting a little bit. if you dont know the guy very well and you feel uncomftortable then she should understand if it happend to you how would she feel.
Answered Mar 20, 2015
This is both good for you and her, if you say to her and admit, "hey I get really jealous easily and its not the best trait I know, but youve known him for some time and I trust you more than anything, of course you can go because ill feel bad if I made you stay. just don't do anything with him please?" the emotion that you admit to her will transform into guilt on her side. She'll either stay out of guilt or go and not do anything to hurt you and probably wont bring it up. if she does bring it up shes trying to make YOU jealous so she knows you care a lot about her.
Answered Mar 20, 2015
Thanks this answer is pretty much perfect
If he's gay what's the big deal. They r going for fun she's going to the prom with u at ur school right? Just chill anyway u guys will prob break up and it won't matter then I mean high school relationship nv last..
Answered Mar 21, 2015

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