I am in BIG trouble but if I fake this I might not be?

I'm in high school and we just had this pop quiz which I did NOT know about (duh...it's a pop quiz) about cells and I wrote it right but I capitalized some letters which did not have to be capitalized (Chloroplasts or Nucleus) So there were a lot of capitalization errors in it. So I've always been a gr8 student and I was SO upset when I found out I got a C. I'm a straight A student, so, ya. My mom has these really high expectations about my grades and my dad doesn't care so much. Once I got a C and she got so mad and made me promise I would never get a C. She also gets mad at me when I get Bs or A-s. Well, not mad but 'disappointed'. I'm really scared about what she's gonna say when I tell her about this. Should I fake it and throw it away or show her? Please no rude answers and I would like honest opinions.
Asked Mar 12, 2015
Do anything but Don't show it to her.
Answered Mar 12, 2015
Hi jane 16....
This is Erin. Thanks but there's also a website where you can see your kids test scores and she's put the password and username on 'remember me'..
Well, just try that she does not remember to check it. Keep her busy elsewhere.
Jane16 Mar 13, 2015

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