My parents make bad decisions and won't listen to what I have to say

im 28 year old male and have 2 sisters.
Both my sisters make unbelievable bad decisions and choices in their lives and the repercussions end up being problems for the family.
Alot of these problems could have been avoided if only my parents would listen to me.
For eg. my older sister 29 is a drug addict, never had a job, doesnt have a house or car, cant look after herself yet she fell pregnant - I told my parents there is no way she can have the baby for the reasons I described yet they did not want to listen to what I have to say and brush me off. My parents now look after her kid full time while my sister gets child support and benefit for her. This happens so often where my sisters do something stupid and ends up being a major problem that could of been avoided and all im doing is trying to do is help. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO??? any advice??
Asked Mar 12, 2015
You should just ignore the family because they sound bad the way you describe them to be, my moms family was abusive to her and shes really the black sheep of the family because she always makes the right decisions but if you want to help and your mostly free sometimes just take the kids over to your house and take care of them but if there like your sister Mabye you can help them so they dont become bad people too since it's your house and you make the rules
Answered May 17, 2015
You should just ignore
Answered Nov 01, 2015

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