Is it normal for my pregnant dog to leak blood

I found a PitBull terrier stray 2 months ago didn't know she was pregnant and I don't know how far she is but her breast are swollen now and she was leaking green discharge now its blood she barely eats wants to lay alot her temperature is 100.2 is the bleeding normal?
Asked Mar 11, 2015
A typical canine lasts around 63 days, which is roughly two months. So it is possible your dog is in labor or about to be in labor, whether that be a couple of hours or days. You will know if she seems to 'birth' out a liquid filled sack, (her 'water breaking'). I do hope she is not sick, has she acting sickly, have dry nose, or been eating/drinking less, or appear to have less energy than normal in the last couple days? If so she might need to go to the vet. Hope all works out well for you
Answered Mar 12, 2015

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