Im scared of having sex with girlfriend i'm dating but I want to also.?

last time my relationship broke off in which I had slept with the girl and I went into a six month depressive episode.
Now im scared of having sex with my gf inorder not to get hurt like that again.incase we break up but I want to have sex since im a man but im jsut scared.
How to go about this?
Does having sex always produce such strong feelings?
Update: please tell me how to go about this. rather than telling me how serious it is,
My question is will sex always lead to a devastating heart break if we broke up .
I think it will hurt if I broke up but less compared to if if we were physically involved
Asked Mar 07, 2015
Don't start thinking u r going to break up don't jinx it.. but not always does it make u have strong feelings I mean what if u sleep with her n find out a bunch of stuff u don't like about her. I would say wait till.u really know she's the one but I'm a girl lol. Or just do it if u bake up its not the end of the world life still goes on. How old r u? They say it's better to love n.lost then to nv love at all.
Answered Mar 08, 2015
Edited Mar 08, 2015
I think you should just take it slow. Don't push yourself into anything because "you're a man". It doesn't work like that. It will probably hurt more when you break up if you were physically involved. But it doesn't mean you have to be devastated. Breakup does not mean depression. If you aren't menatally stable, I think you should get help, so you can get through breakups without being depressed for half a year. When it comes to sex, do it when you feel like you're ready. Your girlfriend has to understand. Just take it slow. Good luck.
Answered Mar 08, 2015

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