Am I ready for sex at 15?

"ok my name is Kayle and Im 15 nd I have a boyfriend and hes been talking about sex and wanting to have sex but I just got my period this year on newyears eve and I dont know my body is ready for sex and I dont want to talk to my parants will flip a bird please help me answers this question
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Asked Mar 05, 2015
Edited Mar 05, 2015
Just wait until u feel like it's time. U have ur whole life to a head of u if ur bf loves u he will wait for u. Don't b pressured it should b something u want. But also use a condom it is so not safe out there stds are very common and u may not even no u have it and b passing it around. Plz use a condom. I lost it when I was 15 my bf was 17 I'm 25 now with 2 kids. And I have herpes they say it can stay in ur system for yrs b4 it even shows up so there's no telling how long I had it or who gave it to me. My advice to u is always use a condom. Wait to have sex until u absolutely feel sure it should b with someone u love and with someone who is going to b patient. It's ur first time u want to remember it as special but use a condom always stay safe because men r dogs and will have sex with any chick who offers. Be safe girl and hope this helps.
Answered Mar 05, 2015
Hey Kayle, well done for asking someone before you made a decision, it's very grown up of you. In my personal opinion I'd say no because your unsure of whether your ready and that generally means you aren't but that's just my opinion. You're your own person and you'll make your own decisions but please consider this before you do; are you doing because you want to or because he wants you to? Because if it's the latter I'd steer clear. Does he love you? If he does then he'll wait until you want to and won't make you feel bad for doing so. Are you doing it to take your relationship to the next level? I fell for this one at your age and you know what? There isn't a next level there's just; loving relationships, relationships that aren't really going anywhere and abusive relationships. When you do decide to always use a condom and dont put yourself in any unsafe situations.
Answered Mar 06, 2015
Only you will know when you are ready. You just need to make that you use a condom if you decide to have intercourse... every single time. And you should get your partner to use an antibacterial penis health creme too. This will ensure that his penis is extra clean and decrease the chances of a bacteria transfer during oral and other condom-less sex acts. You can get one of these cremes online... find one with Vitamin A in it. Hope this helps and good luck.
Answered Aug 16, 2017
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Answered Jul 05, 2018
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Answered Jul 05, 2018

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