My baby dad was abusive and gang affiliated and addicted to Heroin will someone plz help?

Me n my ex were together for about 2 yrs. He was physically abusive while I was preg with his baby he left bruises all over my body and bruises on my face twice that's when I couldn't hide it anymore. I left him and my life has been so much better. The last time he pushed me and I hit my head I called the cops. He went to jail. He got mad about going to jail and called cps on me saying I smoke pot. They closed the case. I got an order of protection which states he can't come around me or the baby. He denied her when she was born didn't sign her birth certificate and the min I leave starts making my life hell saying I want to c my daughter. He was addicted to Heroin and lied about it when we were together I found his syringes I saw the marks after about a yr of us being together he started going to the methadone clinic to get sober which he had to go everyday. I have not heard or talked to him since the order of protection he had left me alone. But he wants to c the baby. I let his mother come to my mom's to c the baby. He doesn't pay child support but is trying to which his mom says. His mom keeps trying to convince me he's changed and doesn't do drugs. He has been battling this addiction for about 10 yrs he's been locked up for it in the past. He's been able to keep his job tho n his apt since I left. His mom wants me to try to drop the order which I won't I'm scared of him new bc of what he did to me numerous times he abused me and even after the baby was born. She says the attorney General wants a DNA test to prove he's the dad so he can start paying. He wants to c the baby. I'm so scared of him getting all the right to c her. I don't believe he's clean and if he is he's still abusive and a gang member. My question is if he pays child support does he get all the rights to the baby do I have to leave the baby with him over night? The protective order says he can't c her but his mom says they rgoing to try to cchange it. Will I c a judge when we go to court for child support? Could I tell the judge all this? Well I even b able to talk to one? I have felt so helpless like no-one will hear me about him and help me he really is unfit.
Asked Mar 04, 2015
Edited Mar 09, 2015
You should get a lawyer. The lawyer will solve these problems of yours.

Or google to see if there are any law chat forums. There you might find people to answer these questions.

And, I would say...make him stay away from yourself and the baby. No matter what his mother says, he is still dangerous.
Answered Mar 05, 2015
It's some serious issue because your and your baby's life depends upon him as he is your husband. Try to talk to him regarding this.
Answered May 26, 2016

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