Does an fb account is automatically closed if not used for many days without deactivation??

I am really worried because I acces to my fb id ..I forgot the password and I can't even reset it pls help .. I think someone is misusing it ...
Asked Feb 27, 2015
God I wish!
No, in my experience, facebook accounts don't go away even if you don't log in for a year or more. There is an interesting XKCD "what if" article about facebook accounts of people who have died, which tells you how hard accounts are to close.
As for your underlying question, if someone else has in fact accessed your facebook account, probably the best thing to do is to create a new account, use it to look at your old account, contact all the friends you care about who have "friended," your old account, letting them know it is not you, then see if you can post a comment somewhere on your old account (e.g. in response to a picture or comment), stating that you don't have control over your old account, and that it's comments and actions don't reflect you.
At that point, the person who stole your account basically has something he could have created without the fuss of guessing your password. Just a "spare account," that happens to have your name and old info on it.
TL:DR, make sure everyone you care about knows it isn't you, and then who cares what someone does with your old account.
Answered Nov 12, 2015
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