A wild bird flew into the window and is crying blood, what should I do?!

A dark eyed junco flew into the window, head first, and is crying blood. At first I thought its eyes were watering, but it's blood. I think it is some kind of concussion and I don't want it to die, what should I do?! It is snowing outside so I can't take it outside. Its feathers are fluffed up even though its warm in here. It is breathing hard and I don't think it will live much longer. I need to know what is wrong with it and any info on how I can help it (emergency food, how to keep it warm, etc.)
Asked Feb 18, 2015
Edited Feb 18, 2015
I think the best thing to do is contact your local wildlife rescue and ask them
Answered Feb 18, 2015
Thx, I'll try that...
My mom said no and that their is nothing they will be able to do about it. We can't drive anywhere the roads are icy, that's why their was no school today....
The bleeding has stopped. He is now jumping around in the cage happy. He survived through the night which is a good thing. His wing is broken and he won't eat the bird seeds, so I have been giving him a mixture of egg yolk and milk. I found the recipe on Petco.com. He was blind while he was bleeding but now he can see much better. One of his eyes are still messed up so he might be half blind. I hope his wing heals correctly so we can let him go when it gets warm enough and he is ready. I've name him Pluto since he is the dwarf of birds while the dwarf planet is the dwarf of the planets. He is white and dark grey so I had to name him a darkish name, if you now what I mean... We were going to call him Milkyway, but that doesn't sound right for this little male bird. Last year a junco flew into the window and broke his wing. We let him go after his wing healed as I hope to do with Pluto :D
He died yesterday... his neck started swelling and he couldn't hold his head up... I couldn't bury him because the ground was frozen and we had no where to put a dead bird so we had to through him in the trash... ;'(
That's terrible... I'm sorry :(

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