Are you looking for a trustworthy business or product or service online?

well look no further, because these and many other websites are ready to violate your privacy and use your information and email addresses and usernames for all sorts of scheming slimy bullshit:

most anti-virus or anti-spam or software download websites
a bunch of broken-English websites offering cloud storage of all your personal and business files like give me a fucking break

as someone who's been an identity fraud victim multiple times, I hope you too will let thousands of scourge-of-the-universe clone-brainless walking talking piles of puke shit smegma and camel santorum - presumably from the camel they just fucked - horse-fucking sociopath plagues all around the world of all shapes and sizes and colors, violate you and your friends and family or hurt them deeply or ruin their lives or simply treat everyone like dirt/garbage day in and day out with nightmarish hypocritical insults like their babbling idiot ass is the last authority on everyone else's every move and choice, just because they had a tough life or are bitter about being annoying brainless horseshit or whatever bullshit excuse for the millionth time. if someone has a shinier business card or nicer rat-wig or your grandpa whipped you on the farm as a child or whatever bullshit please don't use it as an excuse to spend year in and year out scamming beating raping and cheating people unless you've already sacrificed yourself to a pack of bengal tigers or snakes or a gun, mowgli the scourge clone drone ad-bot. Live and let live, as in fuck off and don't be an intrusive endlessly bothersome voyeuristic scumbag, Thank you.
Asked Feb 16, 2015
Improving world is good.
Life quality improves, less worries for all.
Let us all celebrate the happiest occasions!
Answered Feb 18, 2015
Edited Feb 24, 2015
how can we solve genocide and oppression? do you think these things still occur and why? are people eager to diminish others by control, and what are some ways to solve this oppression? I need helps with ok
Answered Feb 27, 2015
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Answered Nov 10, 2016
Edited Nov 16, 2016
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Answered Feb 13, 2018

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