Shall I leave the UK to find a girl I met in Mumbai? is it an impossible union?

I live in the UK,working behind the bar and as well as being a musician. I find it hard to get work in the music industry and I am slightly desillutioned, after relentlessly touring and releasing music the last 10 years. my passion for music seemed to have slowly decreased.
my ex girlfriend , a yoga teacher , introduced me to it and I love practising Yoga.
I met a yoga teacher friend of hers in Mumbai. Shes's indian and im french. and she is the only girl I seem attracted to mentally and physically. Or at least my mind thinks so. I am fantasising? I feel bored with England and I might be wanting an adventure...
I am wanting what I can't get? will I end up alone and broke in Mumbai and having to come back and work a bar job even harder? I am looking for distraction? As in Love for distraction. I don't like being single and have been for the last 4 months. I am wanting a rebound? I dont seem to wanna date or meet new girls .
Shall I try it? It would mean to leave a flat and my job and music project behind ...
but I am thinking a lot about it! we chat occasionally and she says I should come!
is it crazy to go without much savings and no real guarantees? emotional and financial
Asked Feb 15, 2015
Edited Feb 15, 2015

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