Am I going to go to jail?

Hello. Me and some friends left school to get stoned. so the way my school is setup is there is a camera in the gym and a pair of bleachers on the side off camera and a school exit ant the end of the bleachers. So when we got to our spot we started smoking weed. So 30 mins later we were completely stoned. So we were only a about 2 yards from an apartment complex and somebody called and complained about the smell of weed. We didn't know but later 4 police officers arrived with a dog to find us but they found us. I was too stoned to run away. So they took us back to school and searched us and found pot on me then charged me with possession of drugs on school campus. But the cops forced us to the school???
Asked Feb 13, 2015
Edited Feb 13, 2015
smoking on school grounds is really bad if you had gotten caught somewhere else it wouldnt be as serious
Answered Feb 13, 2015
Edited Feb 13, 2015
They only searched you when they put you on campus grounds? Hmm you should speak to an free local ombudsmen because that doesn't seem like proper protocol it was their fault tht substance was on campus.
Answered May 10, 2015
They will give u court date an put u on probation or juvenile
Answered May 10, 2015

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