Am I depressed or am I just stressed?

Hi :) For most of my life, I was a pretty grounded person. I knew where I wanted to go for college, who I wanted to be and I was a pretty excellent (#nomodesty) student and daughter. I had very high grades, was very motivated etc. But over the winter break, I started getting distracted and started studying less. Now my brain feel empty (brain fog?) and it takes a great deal to do something. I also have short term memory and get quite anxious about things but then do not act upon them. I feel like I have gotten stupider and worry about this. Basically, I stress that I am not smart enough, got dumber, what my future will be like, whether I am depressed, and whether I am overstressing! I m really not sure what to do and I am really worrying. I do try to study but somehow my brain and heart just isn t there!! what shall I do? :( thank you
Asked Feb 07, 2015
Over stressing and a bit of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) . If you google it, just remember It is no big deal.To deal with SAD, close the blinds of your room and switch on all the lights. This is what always helps me to get through winters.

To fix the study problem :

1.Make a list of things for which your are studying (Example : good job, big house) and stick it in your room or wherever you study. It will keep you motivated and focused.

2.Reward yourself with a candy or a song or whatever you want after 30 minutes of studying. Then slowly over the days, increase this time to an hour then two hours and so on.

And remember, you are studying for yourself only. You don't have to study all your life but these few years. You have been good academically means you are intelligent , so you cannot be dumber, now. You gotta believe in yourself. You are who you are. You cannot go back now, so just accept yourself.

Study well. Hope I helped. :)
Answered Feb 07, 2015

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