Advice needed regarding friends & coursework

Basically, I'm not mean or anything. But, just need some advice... Please don't be mean thank you.?
Basically, I have a friend and she's actually a nice person, always there for me when I need her. But, the thing is that... she only messages me when she needs help with her coursework... this has been going on since we began doing our A-Levels, and now we're in University. The main problem is that I have my own assignments to do & I do not have time to even socialise with people anymore e.g, I do not use WA anymore at all. Just probably once in a week. I've told her that I be too busy etc... but yet she keeps bugging me & the most annoying/irritating thing is that when I just casually message her to ask her how she's doing, I get no response mainly & when she needs some work doing she messages me so much. It's not like I don't want to help her, but I have commitments too, I need to manage time as well. I have never asked anyone to do my work for me... No matter how hard it maybe, or even if I have a lack of time. My work is my work; it's my RESPONSIBILITY. Because of that I've been keeping my phone on Airplane mode/Do Not Disturb mode (sounds stupid probably). I can't be mean to anyone; whether they're right or wrong if I say something which hurts them I will regret it for the rest of my life. So... am I doing the right thing by ignoring her....??? Or, do I need to be harsh (which is kinda impossible for me) =\
Asked Feb 06, 2015
You should do what is right for you. And no, you are not being mean to her if you ignore her.
If you wanna help her and you do have the time, you could think about helping her. But your own future is what matters most. Because if something in your assignments go wrong because of helping would regret it and probably take it too hard ...

Hope I helped! :)
Answered Feb 06, 2015
you should ignore her because your obviously being friendzoned...
Answered Feb 06, 2015
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