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The massive hack on Sony Pictures

The fact that Sony Pictures' computer systems were hacked was devastating in itself. What followed was even worse.

Sony's computer systems were down for two days in late November and employees saw a message on their screens that said, "We already warned you, and this is just a beginning."

Then came days of revelations about Sony's business practices. Cringeworthy emails about stars emerged, as did racially insensitive messages about President Obama. Leaked compensation numbers showed a gender pay gap for actors. Employee home addresses and medical records were posted.

It was a public relations nightmare of the worst kind in Hollywood, one that the company will be reeling from for years. Some cybersecurity experts estimated the leak could cost Sony (SNE) as much as $100 million, along with the possibility of lost future business opportunities as Hollywood reacts to the damage. News reports continue to link the hack to North Korea, but neither the company nor North Korea have publicly confirmed a connection.
Asked Jan 26, 2015

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