I recieve workers comp and ssi ijust turned 62yrs workers took clse to 300dollars from my comp check

I receive workers comp for the last 15years my check I get every two weeks was 602dollars know that I turned 62yrs they call it a supplemental know I get 357dollars every two weeks I also get socialsecurity for the last 10years its around 1200 dollars a month will the government make up the money I lost from comp I mean instead of 1200 a month maybe 1600hundred a month thank you.
Asked Jan 20, 2015
Edited Jan 20, 2015
Comp was getting the offset, not SSD,so there should not be an increase in your SSD as it was already based upon the amount of time you worked and paid into the SS system. Bit talk to another attorney if you wish. I am retired.
linc Sep 23, 2017
Did any one ever actually answer this question as the date it was asked was almost 3 years ago?
linc Sep 23, 2017

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