Why am I having milky/white/watery discharge?

i was on birth control pills for a month and a half [November/December]. when I stopped the pill I got my period 3 days later. On January 10th I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. on the 11th I was having stretchy clear discharge. From the 12th to present im having milky,white,watery discharge [its like little bit of urine] it doesnt burn,itch or smell. I wasn't having these type of discharge before the pill. I dont know why this is happening and how long will my body take to go back to normal?
Asked Jan 19, 2015
Discharge like this is normal. However, it is a health risk if it is green or has an unpleasant smell similar to fish or cheese. As long as it is as you describe it, it's definitely normal and not to be panicked over! :) Not all women get discharge before or after a period. So it's fine.
It's also normal to bleed a little between periods within the first three months of taking the combined birth control pill. Hope this helps!
Answered Feb 01, 2015
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