Am I ready to have a baby at 9/10

hey everybody im in 4th grade and I have a 9th grade boyfriend, I have just learnt sex education in class at school and it made me really wanna baby cause there soooo cute. I have alot or dolls but there nothing like a real one. I said I wanted a baby to my teacher and she told me I could only make babies if I started monthly's what I also learnt ment periods, most girls my age havent but I started mine two months ago. iv had boobs since I was 7 and now iv got boobs and periods. my momma said to me even though I have these things im still to young to be having babies, I said to here how come I already have woman things she told me I was born with hormonal imbalence, I have no idea what that is but thats what my momma said. I really want a cute little baby, do you think its ak for me to have one?
Asked Jan 16, 2015
You would be screeming with a dick going in let alone a 7 pound baby Cummings out
I am 22 . I will be 23 this year . and I am not ready for babies .. so how can a 10yr old be ?? its a big responsibility .. you have to feed the baby . do everything on your own and you need to go to school and build your own carrier first .. Just because you have boobs and got period that doesn't make you a woman .. you are still a girl . live your life first .. if you have a kid you wont have any freedom . and what about yer dreams ?? you wont have time to fulfill it , you would be too busy taking care of yer kid .. and don't forget your still a kid . don't waste your childhood . you would regret it later ..
Answered Jan 17, 2015

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