Boy issues please help me!

I like this boy, Kohl {I'm 13 by the way..} I'm friends with his twin sister and I want to know how to tell if he likes me. Problem is 1) I don't know if he is allowed to date 2) I only see him on Wednesday nights at church!! We just talk a little and he is really shy but he talks a lot around me but we are usually with another friend we both have. How can I tell if he likes me without letting him or his sister know?
Asked Jan 14, 2015
You gotta look at his behavior when he is around you.
If he likes you, he would stare at you, try to talk to you whenever possible, be around you whenever possible, give you some special attention and special treatment.
Answered Jan 17, 2015
Also if you want to see him more, make sure you two are doing an activity, you don't want to awkwardly sit there doing nothing. Maybe try and get his number and then call him and ask him to do something you know he likes to do. You go girl!
Answered Jan 20, 2015
Thanks!! I'll try to talk to him at church tonight maybe!

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