What is the name of this world war 2 comedy film?

I am looking for the name of a movie I saw on TV about 12 years ago, never caught its name. It was modern looking, in color with decent effects for the time. It was a comedy, set in world war 2, followed a group of American soldiers, with a narrator commenting in the background. The only things I remember clearly were a group of British soldiers airdropping out of a plane in a jeep, and then driving straight into a minefield one of the Americans was trying to warn them about, a Nazi (or whoever the bad guy was) carefully treading on everyone s fingers as they knelt in front of him, and the romantic scene in the evening, where the love interest said "look at the lovely moon" pointing at someone mooning them out of their window. tried to find this movie before, but never found anything since all I remember are a few scenes and quotes. Thanks for any help.
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Asked Jan 10, 2015
Edited Jan 10, 2015
It could have been Stripes. It is an old 1980s movie with Bill Murray in it. Hope this might have helped.
Answered Jan 11, 2015

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