What is the difference between getting a pardon and a US entry waiver?

Depending on your situation, you might need 1) a pardon and/or 2) a US entry waiver. If you have
never been refused entry into the US for having a criminal record, a Canadian par
don may suffice to
enter the US.
However, if you have been denied entry at the border for a criminal record, you will need a US entry
waiver. If you have been stopped at the border and were refused entry because of your criminal
record, your record will forever stay in the US Department o
f Homeland Security criminal database.
Canadian pardons are not recognized by the US government if they are aware of your conviction, but
US entry waivers are recognized.
If you have not been refused entry prior to getting your pardon, the border guards
and the Department
of Homeland Security may not know of your previous criminal record, unless you tell them at the

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Asked Jan 10, 2015

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