Should I have my first kiss with my guy best friend?

We've known eachother for about 5 months but im completely in love with him. Hes never kissed anyone before either and if we both trust eachother its a good idea right? We playfully flirt with eachother like saying "hey loser" 😛✌ and playful nudging eachother. We text alot. Like everyday for hours. Today he was asking me deep questions like if I like cuddling and kissing ect. We have alot of the same hobbies and interests.he told me hes never kissd anyone , I feel like that's personal bc thats like sad for a guy bc most guys our age are having sex and making out ect. So I found it competly adorable. Hes perfect I swear. 😤 now heres the problems 😭😰😥😢😞 he told me he kinda likes me and he tried to kinda friend zone me, I think. Its the fact that im absolutely im love with him.. I feel like he feels kinda bad for me.. but he flirts back kinda soooo. Hes a loud and funny big tall guy. Yet I feel hes shy about his feelings. Hes really boring to text. When we talk about us he kinda gets awkward and quiet. I always make the first move and ik guys dont like that. So idk. I love him soooo much. And the only place to be together is at school and I dont want that. And that hes so much taller and bigger. Im about 80 lbs and hes 160. Im 4'10 and hes 5'11 soo. Yeah. Idk. Should I try to win him over and try to make it work. ? Or should I get rid of all theses feelings and go back to best friends. ?
Asked Jan 10, 2015
Since you are in love with him, going back to being friends might not be easy for you.
So try to win him over. It is worth a shot, right?

A few things to keep in mind :
Be a sweet girl.
Don't always go to him, let him come to you.
Don't makes the first move. Be the girl he would like to date. But at the same time don't try toovhard.
Be yourself because being real is one of the best lessons of life.
Play hard to get, but not too much.

I am pretty sure these will help. All the best. I hope everything works for you the way you want it to. :)
Answered Jan 10, 2015
Edited Jan 10, 2015
u can go back to being frnds.
Answered Jan 18, 2015

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