Which is a better blog?

So, I like to write and I've been wanting to blog. However, I can't think of what to blog about. I've always liked talking news that interested me so I thought maybe a news blog. I am also learning Vietnamese so I thought maybe a blog revolving around that but I didn't know which is better. Help please.
Asked Jan 06, 2015
I would like to tell Most Influential Female Bloggers. You should read their blogs.
It is no doubt that women dominate the lifestyle blogging niche. Given that they have a better taste of fashion, travel, and food than men, this does not come as a surprise. If you are aspiring to become a top female lifestyle bloggers and join the ranks of influential women, I am going to share a list of women who are changing lives through blogging. This will inspire you to venture into blogging with renewed vigor and perhaps break into the competitive blogging sphere.

Here is a list of the women taking blogging:

Katie Dunlop:

Being a certified personal trainer, Katie has just what it takes to succeed as a female lifestyle blogger. Coupled with her expertise as a skilled group fitness instructor and a passionate businesswoman, it is not surprising that she is doing so well in blogging. Through her blog, she has inspired many women to adopt healthy and happy lifestyles by offering workout tips, meal plans, and fitness advice.

Celestine Chua:

Celestine is more focused on encouraging women to live fulfilling and purposeful lives as opposed to telling them what to eat for the perfect body. She writes for Personal Excellence and mostly advice women to curve out and follow their own paths instead of adhering to demeaning societal standards.


As you can see, starting your own lifestyle blog is not rocket science. With passion, the right skills and consistency, you will be on your way to running one of the best lifestyle blogs.

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to know more about bloggers.
Answered Oct 05, 2019
Hi! May I ask the reason you are writing a blog? Because different purposes may lead to different blog topics. In my opinion, thinking about your personality and your target audience may help you in choosing your topic. Primarily, you must choose the blog which you are more comfortable with.

Based on your statement, it seems that you are personally torn between the two. In that case you may consider your target audience as the decision breaker. Locate them and be knowledgeable of their interests and preferences. Which blog would they, most probably, read? Which blog can they relate to?

I hope my insight helped you in deciding. Happy blogging!
Answered Oct 10, 2019

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