Am I bennifiting myself doing light weight squats?

Right now I'm 165lbs just started doing squats about 3 months ago. At the moment I am squatting 150 lbs 3 sets of 50 reps.
Is that good for my body weight ?
I'm only doing 150 because of some back issues and don't wanna move up to heavier weight right now. I'm jus adding reps instead.
And is doing light weight squats like this bennifiting me in anyway?
Asked Jan 06, 2015
In my experience I would not do 50 squats all at once, i'd do 1 set of 12 at 150pounds (If that's easy for you) Then another set at 180 this time 16 reps and the last set do 230(or whats a challenge for you) and do 24 reps.

If the weights feel too light, or you don't feel a pump then bump the weight up!
Answered Jan 07, 2015

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