Did I come up with a fullproof plan to buy weed and not get caught?

So I recently started smoking weed and I enjoy it very much.I am however extremely scared of getting caught by the police. I thought long and hard about this plan and I need you guys to identify all possible Flaws. So hear goes, I live in the suburbs and so does my dealer, so I walked to his house and bought my weed. Before leaving I tied my weed to the thinnest fishing gut available. It's extremely strong practically invisible. The piece of fishing gut I used was extremely long. Close to 30 meters. So I tied my weed up with one end, and I had the other end in my hand. So basically I walked back home holding a piece of invisible gut with my weed trailing 20 meters behind me. If I see the police or anything suspicious for that matter, I simply let go of the invisible gut and continue walking. The police can stop and search me and they will find absolutely nothing. Please identify any flaws in my plan.
Asked Jan 06, 2015

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