Sims 3 crashing, yet again.

Alright, since I got rid of the Trojans on my PC, (by deleting my entire profile on my PC and making a new one) this crashing problem is still occurring when I have a baby/toddler in my household or I interact with one. I have tested the recent mods I've added and no change. I thought the Trojan infection may have caused it, but apparently not because it is still happening. Any other advice..?
Asked Jan 03, 2015
I don't know what else to suggest, sorry :(
Have you contacted EA Games about this? Troubleshooting not doing much for you? This sounds like a really annoying problem. o.o
Yes, it is very annoying lol. I am about to just call it quits and just do without babies xD
bmc13 Jan 04, 2015

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