Should I give him space?

Me and my boyfriend used to talk all the time. He promised he wouldn't leave me and that he wasn't like all the other guys, but recently since about last Monday he hasn't been talking to me much...we used to talk every day and talk on the phone for hours at night.

The last time we talked on the phone was this Monday and he told me he'd talk to me Tuesday but then he only texted me like three times Tuesday. The last text saying that he can't come see me this weekend because his ride down here(he lives 1 hour and 30 minutes away) wants him to go to bama with him for his friends moms birthday.

Then he never texted me back. I haven't talked to him since then. His phone ran out of minutes last night I believe.

Earlier today I messaged his roommate and apparently my boyfriend hasn't been home or anything this week and apparently his friends moms birthday isn't this weekend at all. So he lied. And his roommate told me that my boyfriend don't wanna be with me because I "text him too much". Which I kinda do blow his phone up when he doesn't reply, but if he replied I wouldn't do it. On fb it still says we're in a relationship and he's been on fb today so he could've changed it.

What should I do? Give him space and let him talk to me on his own? I'm so confused.
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Asked Jan 01, 2015
Edited Jan 01, 2015

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