Should I tell my ex boyfriend my pregnancy concern, or wait until I know for sure?

So, I am super confused right now and would like some insight, opinion, and knowledge. I’m going to start with a small bit of background information. I have been taking depo provera for two and a half years. Never missed a shot but was once late for one over a year ago. Other than that I have perfect use with it, I even get the shot about a week early to prevent spotting/periods as told by my ob/gyn. I have just gotten out of a year long relationship with the man I love. We have dated twice before in the past... well its over and over for good. We haven't spoken to each other in over a month. He refuses to talk to me for whatever reason. He broke up with me through text saying horrible things. And this was all out of no where! Anyways when we had intercourse we always wore condoms, up until the last few times. He ejaculated in me once about two months ago, and a week or so after that we had sex and he pulled out, ejaculated, wiped himself off, and stuck himself in me again. This past week I've been feeling nauseous (nothing new I've always get nauseous often) but my abdomen feels different. It feels heavy and from looking down on it it looks swollen, but from the side it looks normal. But it feels heavy... and I'm fearing I could be pregnant ... even though depo provera has a 3% failure rate... I'm scared I fall into the percentage that falls pregnant.... in one week I get another shot and will be getting a pregnancy test... but I'm wondering if I'm just freaking out considering the horrible breakup. I’ve also been under a lot of stress, the ended relationship, just finished my first college semester, work, and moving to san marcos as a transfer student ... and I was curious if I should at least tell my ex the fear I have that I'm pregnant, and just letting him know and think of what to do before I take the test in a week and know for sure, or if I should just wait and see if the result is positive,  then tell him. Or if its negative then not contact him at all... I'm freaking out!
Asked Dec 27, 2014
Tell him
Answered Dec 27, 2014
Tell him but say u don't know for sure.
Answered Dec 27, 2014

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