Is love meant for a permanently unemployed man 28y old who live off ssi

Hello Ineed help via relationship question. I have a friend who lived in assited living from age 18 to 23 and has never held a job or was able to get his ged. He lives off 724.00USD ssi and 70USD foodstamp per month. He lives alone and with bills and his cat as his only friend he runs outta food for himself and his cat often and lives in depression from feeling like love isnt meant for him. I am worried and have taken him to a dr many times but he acts like e verything is fine and they let him go despite my opinion. he has never even been noticed by a girl nor knows how to approch one. Because his childhood dissapointment an suffering is all he knows and when I try to show him good time he actuly misses suffering and depression as its all hes ever known. He just wants to be loved more tha to wake up. He says if he dies he wont be losing nothing because he has nothing. I can tell and am afraid because I know that he truly honestly wants his life to end. He always looks for a love but they always turn him down because he has no job education or future nor anyone to help him. he is counting on me to find if love is possible for him. I fear that if I say no he will kill him self and if I call for help on him hell kill him self if he sees any one approch him with aid in mind. he says he feels like he doesnt live he just simply exist.
Asked Dec 15, 2014
Love is for everyone. True live doesn't seek riches and will help one another and make rather better.
Answered Mar 05, 2015

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