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Hey, so this is a long one.. I'm 24 and a girl.. So to start with, ive been on and off with a lad ive known basically all my life, ive fancied him for as long as I can remember and for the same amount of time hes been telling me the same.. For as long as I've known him hes always tried anything and everything to get near me, he used text off his sisters phone to get me to meet "her" somewhere but it would be him all the time. He was my first kiss and later my first snog. But he was 2 years older then me and living in a different town, and one day he asked me if it was ok if he asked another girl out and it broke my lil heart but I was too young for all that anyway. So as I was growing up it was still always him I wanted and we spent any time we could together and texted and rang each other when we could...she then got pregnant at 17, by him of course.. But at the time she found out they had broken up and I was seeking around with him for the snog. that was almost 9 years ago.. And nothing changed we were still meeting up and talking all the time. And he kept telling me he was in love with me and all the rest. Back about 4 years ago I lost my virginity to him, which I had planned and it was truly the best experience couldn't fault a ting only the nerves of course, since then we have been on and off again.. So I tried moving on, ive been with other people and tried other relationships, but it turns out I only want him, but I haven't told him because hes started on these games where he tries to make me jealous with other girls and stuff and I've no time for games, but even tho hes doing this he still tries to get near me, if I'm on a night out and he knows I'm there, he turns up and he watches me all the time and tries get near me or if he sees my friends out he'll approach them looking for me and ask 101 questions and say stuff like "where's my future wife" "will you put in a good word for me" stuff like that. But has on an occasion said to one of my friends"if we go off together and tell her it'll make her jealous" and because of that remark ive stayed away from him because I really don't play games. So recently ive found out that hes told alot of people about me and saying I'm his girl and has warned people off me because I'm "his" and saying that he loves me and all this.. But what I don't get is why he wont say this to me and actually talk to me and tell me how he feels and not just say it to other people. His parents and my parents talk on a regular basis and they always joke saying maybe today will be the day they get together properly and hopefully we'll have wedding bells soon and on many occasions he has said stuff like "your going to be the girl ill be waiting for at the top of the church". And it confuses me. I recently (5 days ago) dumped my now ex because for over a year all ive wanted is him.but I haven't told him. I don't know how to, or if he really wants to be with me or basically I don't know what to do full stop.. If anyone has any advice or been in this kind of position your help would be awesome please, thank you in advance xxx
Asked Dec 11, 2014
I've been in that kind of position before, but not to your degree. You've got a strong heart to have carried these feelings with you for so long. I'd just confront him head on, because it seems like that's the only thing that will get him to expose his feelings. Now from a guy's POV, if I was confronted directly by a girl who I had strong feelings for I'd feel shocked, but my heart would kind of melt from fulfillment. What I hope doesn't happen in your situation is that he continues playing games and plays off his feelings. If he's messing around that much, his feelings might be real, bit his games aren't worth your time because he's not mature enough to confront the situation. It's been too long for you to keep hiding your feelings on this matter. There's a quote that I love that kills uncertainty in my head and helps motivate me. "If you never do, you'll never know." (I actually got this off of a Taco Bell sauce packet, but that doesn't make the point any less valid.) Good Luck!
Answered Dec 11, 2014
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Answered Dec 28, 2015

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