I read something where a man said something blesphemy , does that mean I commited it

I'm a Christian, one day I looked something up and a man said something blesphemy in the paragraph just to show that what he kept thinking and it said something blesphemy, I read it and now I feel like I commited it , I love The Lord but I feel guilty and feel like god gave up on me
Asked Dec 08, 2014
Edited Dec 08, 2014
It is very commendable that you are concerned about what you read. Because many people feel that what they read has no affect on them and that is not true. But regarding your statement about blasphemy, first is it important to know what is means. Blasphemy is defamatory, injurious, or abusive speech. Some may think of blasphemers as those who speak irreverently of God, but the underlining term includes injurious, defamatory, or abusive speech against humans. There are many examples in the bible, one example is the account of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram at Numbers 16:1-3, 30-35. Also the account of how the Pharisees treated Jesus Christ. The Pharisees clearly saw God's spirit at work in Jesus to accomplish good, yet for selfish reasons they attributed this power to the devil, thereby blaspheming God's holy spirit. (Matthew 12:22-32) So blasphemy is something that is very serious. But sometimes we may read or hear things that we can not control. It does not mean we are apart of that sin and God knows that. A website that I know you will truly enjoy what help us to get to know more about God and is standards is www.jw.org. But I am very curious about when you said you feel like God has gave up on you why do you feel that way?
Answered Dec 11, 2014

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