What was my ex-boyfriend trying to do or say to me on Wednesday and Saturday?

it have been a year since me and my ex boyfriends broke up but there is no reason why. when school after school program started, I joined math,global and art and he at the begging joined only math but luckily we both did not chose the same math teacher. On Wednesday I was in my art program he was about leave then he saw me going inside and he decided to stay in the art program. when art program finish , I went to dance program room to watch my niece dancing and in few minute latter he went to dance program room too. when it was time to leave school build he leave the school building I leave it and he cross the street when I cross the street but he don`t t really have to cross it because he take the 17 bus downtown and I take the 19 bus uptown. he wait for the 19 bus to come and then go to take he 17 bus.Today Saturday we both left school building at same time.I went to take 19 bus and he took 19 bus too. when I got off the 19 bust he got off too. then I went take the 32 bus and he took the 32 bus too. hint; when we both leave the school build together I realize that I still have feeling for him and I think that he trying to show me that he feel the same way about me but I might be wrong.well we are friends but we don`t speak to each other. was he trying to give me some hint , that he us to get back together or he wanted to tell me that he want me back but he don`t not have the got to tell me. hint; when we both leave the school build togetherplease answer this question as soon and fast as possible.
Asked Dec 06, 2014
I think you guys should start talking and that may be a little more clearer on whats going on
Answered May 11, 2015

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