Was my ex-boyfriend tryinhg to tell me somting on Wednesday and Saturday?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up one year ago but there is no reason why we both broke up. when school stared I thought I move on already and I thought he forgot about me already because we don`t speak to each other anymore. when after school program started I started to participate on it and my ex- started to participate two week after. on the after school program I chose global, algebra and art .he choose algebra but not with the same teacher as me. the thing that surprise me was that on Wednesday I was staying in art program and he also stay for art program too but he never done that before .when I saw him there I realize that I still have feeling for him and I think he feel the same way about me too because every time the after school program finish but he wait in the hallway and yesterday since dance program did not finish yet.i went to watch my nieces because she joined for the first time and in few minute my ex boyfriend went to watch too and we all left at time. hint : my ex boyfriend leave the school building at same time I leave school building.hint 2 when I am out side the school building I have to cross the street to 19 bus and my ex boyfriend crossed too but he don1t have crossed because he take17bus on the other side and he stay while the 19busstop until it come.then he go to take he go 17busstop.Today that is Saturday He took the 19bus and got off on same stop I did and I went to take the 32bus and he took it too but he always take 17 bus to go home and I always take the 19 bus,32 or 2 bus go home.. IS HE TRYING TO TELL ME THAT HE WANT US TO GET BACK TOGETHER BUT HE DON`T DARE HIMSELF OR HE DON`T THE GUT TO TELL ME. PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTIONS AS SOON AND FAST AS POSSIBLE.
Asked Dec 06, 2014
Edited Dec 06, 2014
My ex of 4 months broke up with me cause I texted him too much cause he wouldn’t answer me after not seeing each other for 3 weeks. His excuse is that he works 2 jobs. I got mad and told him I was done. The next day I tried calling him. And he texted me. Never text or call him again. I told him I was sorry. So I left him alone for a week. I texted him he answered. He said that he misses me but I’m too much all over him and he can’t handle that. I understand that I have no chance for get him back in normal way, and I decided to ask for help. I order love spell from website http://magical-rituals.com , I was waiting 3 months, and my lover back to me.
Answered Dec 09, 2015
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Answered Mar 08, 2019

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