Can you please help me improve this letter?

Dear mom,
Since we can not get in agreement by talking, I writing you this letter instead to show how I feel about the way you are creating me. Every time we start talking we start great but some how at end with end up arguing. I always hide my feeling from you because I don’t want us to get in arguments. I also don’t speak to you that much because you are never willing to hear all my problem and issue and when you are you always try change to change the subject and make you own way. I want to tell you that I don’t really like the way you are treating me right now. Every time when I ask Is you f I can do something or go ]by myself and you tell me no , I feel really depress, sad, angry and I feel like crying. I don’t know if you ever notice tear coming out my eyes but if you don’t it because I clear it out before you get notice it, I also feel like I don’t belong in this world and I think about killing myself or hurting myself and running away from home however, I don’t dare to do all that stuff because I don’t want you to worry too much and I love . Also I know I don’t show you my love but is because I have a lot of pain inside of me because you keep cause it when you say bad thing about me or when we argue and don’t be do thing by myself. When I ask you for my freedom, you always say that you will give it tome when I turn 21 year but that is not really fair me have to wait two year so you can me my freedom but to my nieces you give them the freedom they want. When you let my niece do what ever they want I feel like you don’t trust me and that I am not important in your live and that you don’t love me. You tell me that you want see me grow up but I how show it or prove it to you that I am growing up if you don’t even give me the freedom to show it to you. You think that is me the problem but you are the one that is stopping me from growing up. So, this might be my last time asking you to give you me my freedom but if you still don’t want to give it until I turn 21 . If I have wait for two year so you can give me my freedom, that also mean that you have to wait 2 year for me to become organize. If you don’t want keep seeing messy room, so now you know what do.
Sincerely,Luz ALMONTE
Asked Dec 05, 2014

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