Is there any hope for me and him :(?please help I am sad,regretting everything

Hi so anyways I met this guy that is my friend's brother back in October.We go to different schools btw.He started liking me form the moment he saw and yeah I gave him my number and we talked and got together a week after which was pretty too early and was one of the mistakes that was made.Anyways things started off pretty good and yeah we really liked each other and I like the fact that he accepted me for who I am :).Anyways November is obviously not my month.So yeah November started and things started going slowly south.BTW he's 15,2 years older than me(Im pretty mature for my age)and we are both in highschool(8th grade,10th grade).I decided to take at look at his twitter and I saw him tweeting this girl and he called her "Bae".Yes I got pissed because I knew something was up I felt it in my bones.Anyways we talked about it and solved it,he said they were just friends but something wasnt right.I know the girl btw she's in 9th grade and she has a attitude thats make you go ew and she acts like shes all that.Anyways I started getting lonely because he wasnt texting me as much and the convos were short and not energetic anymore and I know he was losing interest in me.Anyways on November 15,we suppose to go out but things happen and I was pissed and on my period and wanted him.I text him telling him he's never there when I needed him and he said he knew and asked if I wanted a friendship instead.I was surprised by this but it was expected.I then told him it wont work and to just forget about me but he said he won't and got all sad.I then told him I needed time to think and I came back telling him look this wont work out lets just ending without even thinking.I then regret at that same exact moment.He then though I made the wrong decision.Anyways 2 days later I text him because I couldnt keep all this feeling inside and he told me he did missed me and agreed to start over and we should know each other more.I was happy because of this because I know there was hope but then I got that feeling that something wasnt right.Then last Friday I got really pissed(long story)and told him I knew I shouldnt have trust him and he said if I dont want to talk to him no problem I should go.Forgot to mention theres this girl who lives near him and is my friend's friend and she doesnt like me and I dont know why.She's new and we use to have a freindship but since this everything went down.She told my friend that he didnt like me becuase he told her and saw the messages on his phone and she's right in a way :/.She told my friend that I should leave him alone because he likes his current girlfriend(the girl that he said was a friend) but the thing is he said he wanted to start over(he text me that sunday),and he missed me and is single.I then heard form his brother that yes she's his girlfriend and that I'm stupid and he laughed at me(that was about tuesday).Wednesday,I text him telling him goodbye and that Im just her to end this the right way and told him his brother was annoying and he text back what am I talking about and then he asked if I wanted to meet up and I said yeah but no we didnt.I then told him he could of told me he had a girlfriend and he put up these surprised emojis and asked what am I tlaking about and we havent text since.That was 4 days ago and I feel like shit.What should I do?Imean he's my 3rd bf,the other 2 failed me and now him :(.Am I the one to blame?Why did he lied?Is the girl and the brother lying? Is there even hope?I know the girl and his brother arent lying because I can feel it but why would he?
Asked Nov 29, 2014
Hey, love. Listen. Take a moment and think Is he really worth your tears? Your fighting for him? No! He lied to you even when he was with you, about that girl. And his brother is not lying, what would he gain by lying! And it's not you, not just you, it's the same story with half the girls. They get stuck with jerks who they don't deserve. Yes, he will lie, not only to you but many other girls, because he is an asswhole. Someone who is stupid enough to treat you like that.
Hope this helps.
Answered Nov 29, 2014

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