What to do if someone's suicidal?

I came I my best guy friends house (age 18) a few hours ago I came over and I knew something was wrong bc the house was destroyed and I heard sobbing upstairs. When I went upstairs I went into the bathroom to find Andrew bleeding and bawling his eyes out. I automatically grabbed his wrist and saw the cut he had made nothing to bad. Mean while when I'm cleaning his wrist off he was screaming at me tellin me to leave and he wanted to die. His parents does in a car crash last year. His ex gf said he abused there twin daughters and I guess his life kinda fell apart. I didn't know what to do so I pulled him into me rocking both are body's trying to get him to stop screaming and calm down. It took a while but finally he calmed down enough to tell me he tried to kill himself bc he thought nothing would get better and he had no ones support. What should I do bc he's suicidal? Also how do I console him and let him know it'll be okay.
Asked Nov 24, 2014
Call 911
Answered Nov 24, 2014

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