F a snake had eaten you from head to feet Discribe what your feet would taste like as the snake?

Tasty treat
Asked Nov 19, 2014
Edited Nov 20, 2014
I dunno... lick your arm and there's your answer?
Answered Nov 20, 2014
They would be warm and chewy and taste like delicious fresh mouth watering tasty flesh that the snake would enjoy, and My feet would be nice and saliva covered ready to be swallowed. And I'd angle my feet so they were easier to be eaten,
Answered Nov 20, 2014
My snake regularly try's to swallow my arm. Her flesh is very cool, not cold, and her muscles are very strong. As she walks her jaws forward, she tries to suck me in as fast. There is alot of saliva, and she tries very hard to get me down, but I am too big. Her teeth are needle sharp, and she usually refuses to let go. I have even gone so far as to lay my head on my arm, giving her the chance, but this is too much for her already stretched mouth, and usually where she coughs me up. I often dream that she is alot bigger. If she did, well that's the law of nature right?
Answered Dec 22, 2020
This is a very hot story. Yes, the law of nature is brilliant <3
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