N your opinion, why do some religions survive and prosper (e.g., Christianity and Hebrew) while othe

Just trying to get opinions on this
Asked Nov 14, 2014
Wellll okayyyy
There are a couple reasons for this. Christianity and Judaism and Islam and all that prosper because they have been "well advertised" , for one, meaning that they have been fought for in wars and stuff leading to the second reason, they must seem important and they must seem correct. The reason that there are as much athesists (sorry) and stuff like that is because it isn't true. There was no big bang and the common people know that.
Thirdly, it depends on where u live/come from. England, America, etc have been practicing Christianity since the middle ages and probably before.
So I'm sorry I didn't help much but I hope I helped a little
Answered Nov 15, 2014

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