Should I contact a child abuse person?

I am 13, a single child, and live with my mother. No father, I am adopted, and I am a girl. A few of my friends have noticed bruises, and one or two have told me I need to tell someone. An adult (teacher) noticed once, and she didn't say anything, but sent me to talk to the school counsellor about friendship troubles, and she must've thought I'd cotton into a fight. I'm not sure whether to contact someone. Bruises only show like twice or thrice a month, but those times, she hits me and throws things at me repeatedly really hard, and they go away quick. Also, the Times she's not mad, she seems really nice, and isn't even that mean... As you can probably understand, I don't want to get authorities involved., unless I'm guaranteed a way out. I have some proof, like a mark on me beds headboard, where she threw scissors and missed, and some other things, but I don't really think I have enough to prove. And of course her friends are unbeknownst and think she's the nicest lady on the planet. My friends will probably support me, but who's gonna believe a young teen against a bunch of adults? Anyhow, I'm just really confused on what to do. Please don't judge, and No, I won't probably tell family members, either.
Asked Nov 09, 2014
Call the CPS hotline
(Child Protection Services)
and tell them what's going on.
Answered Nov 09, 2014
You can talk to your school counselor first, then the Child Support Lawyer can be appointed on the behalf of the school management. You will be able to get your rights. In Wichita Falls, Mark barber is skilled lawyer, who has achieved the best results in child support case.
Answered Jul 19, 2016
Edited Jul 19, 2016

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