Will a caution as a minor for theft show up on an enhanced disclosure

I was cautioned as a minor, age 17 for theft.
I went for a job 2 years later in a carehome but it showed up on the advanced crb check as theft from a dwelling. I never went back to the carehome to discuss it.
I am now 27, its 10 years since the caution and I have been in no trouble since, will it show up now on an enhanced disclosure?
I have been offered a job as a care worker and am currently in training, I have paid for my crb and it is being processed. If it shows up, I know I can still lagally be allowed to work for them but its at the discrestion of the company, im wishing now I had told her at the interview but I thought she would not wven concider me if I did and I was hoping it wouldnt show up.
Will it show up and if it does what are my chances of getting employed. I have a very reasonable explanation for the theft but I was still cautioned. I live in the uk
Asked Nov 07, 2014

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