Parents don't agree! like at all!

So, I told my parents about my boyfriend and they don't agree.
they said I am so stupid and I am throwing my whole life away. they don't even want to talk to me anymore. They even threatened that they are gonna make me move schools.

they don't support my decision at all. what do I do??????
Asked Nov 07, 2014
I think your parents are overreacting. Show them that you can have a boyfriend and be responsible. Tell them that you are going to bring him over for dinner so that they see if he's a good guy for you or not. Some girls get obsessive and don't focus on school work...I think that's what your parents mean by throwing your life away. The only difference between a boyfriend and a friend is that you are intimate with the boyfriend. I don't see what's the big deal. That's like saying you can't have a friend. I have a boyfriend, and he is my best friend also! I'm 19 and still a virgin. Just because you have a boyfriend doesn't mean you have to be intimate. You didn't say how old you are. Maybe your age can be one of your parents issues. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones..Where my parents are happy for me to have a boyfriend. I didn't even want a boyfriend. We got together when he was 17 and I was 18. My first boyfriend and I am his first girlfriend. Your parents should support you in everything unless it's something that's going to put you in danger. When I have a daughter I would advise her to date when she is 18, the same with my son.
Answered Nov 07, 2014
Maybe your parents are worried you'll also get pregnant. Maybe they had some bad experiences with relationships at a young age.

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