I get angry when I lose at video games.but I have no idea why!?

Since a week or two, when I lose a match in Super Smash Bros 3DS, I get angry and then I think I suck at that game. But it's a game I like a lot, so I don't want to stop playing it for a while.

But the reason why I have no idea why I do so is because I am a person who DOES NOT get angry at video games usually. I mean, before, I didn't get angry when I lost, and now I hate it when I lose. Why do I get like that? And how can I stop getting angry when I lose? All replies are very appreciated. Thanks.
Asked Nov 06, 2014
Edited Nov 06, 2014
Your just getting tired.. take a break n sleep it off. Might be gamers fatigue aggrivating u n making u mad.. I get like that 2 sometimes
Answered Nov 07, 2014
I'm a gamer myself (hell, my name is an acronym for Red Neck Gamer lol). Don't worry yourself bro. Remember, "practice makes perfect". Video games are awesome but they can piss you off. Especially if you feel that you were killed cheaply. Just keep at young tadpole. Never give up and keep playing. As long as you aren't breaking controllers and-or consoles, then your anger is normal. Just take a break. Go outside and maybe have a smoke and try again.
Answered Nov 16, 2014
I think you are getting very much indulged in it. You are frustrated with trying and not getting the results. Its OK take a break and play again with a fresh mind.
Answered Jun 20, 2018

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