My parents won't let me wear nail polish!

I am a Muslim, and I know that u can't make wudhu when wearing nail polish, but it is allowed to wear it when not making whudu. So basically, it's not haram. But when I was little I used to colour in my nails with felt tips and things and my parent shouted at me saying shouldn't do that. Even now, I'm 12 turning 13 Amd not allowed to wear it even though it is NOT HARAAM. how can I convince my parents and tel them and persuade them that nail Polish is not haram and we can wear it???!!!!
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Asked Nov 04, 2014
I am afraid I don't know much about being a Muslim, but as a girl I can sympathize with you. You could try to find literature either on the internet or from a library as evidence that wearing nail polish when not making whudu is not haraam. Or you could ask a school councilor, especially if you have one that is Muslim too, for help. When you do next confront your parents about it, either with the evidence or with a councilor, try to stay calm and talk in a very reasonable manor. Maybe even write out a small speech so you know exactly what you want to say to them to get your point across. If none of this works i'm afraid you'll just have to wait until you're legally an adult. Sorry about that. Anyway, I hope that helps and good luck with your parents.
Answered Nov 04, 2014
Thank u and yes I have found many Islamic websites saying that nail Polish is not haram.
I in my point of view, Today’s world fashion is available for all. if you Muslim so what. Wearing nail polish is very common for all so why not you. if you are wearing good nail polish mean the nail polish has a good brand and having a non-toxic formulation then it is not harmful. It’s a truth that our nails are made from tightly packed, translucent keratin protein cells. Research nail products to find which ones are best for your nail and then show the results to your parents. Explain the reasons you want to wear nail polish, to your parents. There are some great non-toxic formulas on the market now though. I used OPI Did It on Em Nail Lacquer which is $ 9.99 and I purchased it from It is a good brand. You can try it once.
Answered Nov 10, 2014
You can not wear nail polish when you pray to Allah, but you can wear it when you are not
Answered Dec 10, 2014
who cares wear it anyway, do a light Color they won't notice
Answered Dec 10, 2014
Why you worry dear ?Just try to understand your guardians how all girls are used nail polish so why not I am. And there are many companies which provide nail polish but in my point of view, I brought a nail polish for my sister from NOURISH ( which are formulated by expert podiatrists, nail technicians and chemists.
Answered Sep 22, 2015

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