Can I legally move out the house at 16 to my boyfriends if i'm being abused at home in the uk?

Can I legally move out at 16 still in full time education to my boyfriends house if I am being abused and neglected at home?
Asked Nov 03, 2014
If you are being abused and/or neglected you NEED to get help, there are lots of numbers you can call and websites you can go to. Please get help. As youre a minor they will involve child services and you will be given a case worker, I dont know if the laws are the same in England as they are in the US but if they are you can try to become an emancipated youth, meaning you are effectively a legal adult. Alternatively if move straight to your boyfriends house, provided his parents are ok with it and that he is not abusing you too, one of two things will happen. 1, if your parents are as neglectful as you say they may not care if you move out. 2, they may not be happy about you moving out, either because they truly love you or because of the controlling side of abuse, in which case you'll want to go the root of the social worker and involving the police. I recommend getting help the legal way ASAP. Please get help immediately, if not for your own sake or for your boyfriends, then please do it for a friendly stranger on the internet who only wants to help!
Answered Nov 04, 2014
who fucking cares if its legal just walk out on your perents if there abusive im 9/10 and I would just walk out so you should as well :) good luck
Answered Jan 17, 2015
Her parents would call the police to find her. Running away is not the best option at all.

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